Friday, January 29, 2016

Hallway Reveal

Somehow, I managed to miss posting about the hallway makeover.
Here we have the before photos.
The hallway wasn't really in bad shape,
it just needed some updating and color.
As you can see, 
we decided to go with blue.
I believe the color was Oatlands Pale Flowers
or maybe not, I don't remember
but it is one of the historical paint colors offered by Valspar.
And here is the finished product.
I haven't touched the stairs yet.
I'll need to chemically strip the paint off the steps and the hand rail
because of the lead paint that is sure to be lurking there.
We're also waiting to find someone who can replace the section of railing
that was cut off during the conversion to apartments.
Plus there is the discovery of the ornamental scroll work
that was once on the steps.  
I discovered it on the upstairs edge of the hall,
and I found evidence of it on the steps in the hallway.
I'm hoping to be able to replicate the pattern in paint.
I'm really happy with the color and
with the light that pours in front the front door.
Now to work on finishing the laundry room.