Friday, January 22, 2016

Calm Before the Storm

Not sure if you've heard, 
but there's a big snow storm bearing down on the East Coast.
Snow totals keep changing,
I'm expecting to measure snow in feet.
This morning on the way to work,
the sky was red and I thought of that old mariner's rhyme
"Red sky at night, sailors delight,
red sky at morning, sailors take warning"

It's been all about preparing these last few days.
I've pulled out my hand crank weather radio, 
washed blankets
and stocked up on bread milk and toilet paper.
Last night was all about prepping the chickens.
I finished covering the run in plastic sheeting
to prevent it from filling with snow
and to offer protection from the winds.
The food and water were filled and the
coop was cleaned and filled with shavings and straw.
I also put straw in the run to offer something to scratch around in and some insulation.
They have 3 suet blocks for added calorie intact and sunflower seeds.
I also hung a cabbage to offer a boredom buster.

Hopefully all these preparations ensure the girls will be safe and secure
through the storm.