Thursday, October 25, 2012

Emergency Preparedness

There's a storm bearing down on the East Coast bringing with a 90% chance of gale force winds, heavy rains, flooding and possibly snow.  Make sure you remember to take care of your furry friends!  Here's a few tips:
  • Make sure water troughs are filled
  • Fill any extra buckets with water
  • Make sure you muck those stalls and clean out those coops before the storm hits. Who knows if you'll need to lock your livestock in or how long they might be "cooped up"
  • Make sure you protect livestock from the weather. I plan on using plastic sheeting to offer a wind and rain buffer for my chickens. 
  • Remove or tie up any loose items- buckets, toys, etc
  • Make sure you have plenty of food- SPCA states 5 days worth per animal
  • Make note of emergency shelter rules and know which shelters allow pets. Plan accordingly!
  • Have current photos of your animals in the event they become lost.
  • Have first aid kit on hand for animals.
  • Have leashes, collars, pet carriers, halters, lead lines, etc on hand
  • Make sure fences, gates, etc are secure  
 Stay safe!