Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Windows

A little while ago, 
the hubby installed 2 windows in the coop.
 We put one in front and one on the side
for good air circulation.
It definitely helped cool down the inside of the coop on those hot days.
And they let in a lot of light.
That's the end of the coop renovations for this year. 
Next year I think we should build a little shed to replace the coop...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Things have been hopping around here.
Not only has school and Scouts started up,
but I'm also in the last weeks of planning the "BIG HIKE".
That means lots of food prep.
I've had the dehydrator going nonstop the last couple of days.
First it was peas
and last night I went to apples.
I used my Apple Master peeler, slicer, corer for the first time.

After I get the blueberries and apples done, 
I'll be moving to corn.
Through all this I've found that I love dehydrating food.
You wash it, maybe cut it up, maybe soak it for a couple minutes to prevent discoloring,
throw it on the tray and leave it until it's done.
Easy peasy.

Friday, September 11, 2015

From the 104th Floor

From the 104th Floor

by Leda Rodis (age 14 in 2001) 

When the plane hit the building
rocked first
to the right
to the left,
and outside all the skyscrapers
of New York
seemed to tremble.
The alarms screamed louder
than we did, and I knew
it was time to get away. It’s funny
what you notice:
a pen rolling across the floor
my screen saver flicker and go off
a picture of you
and me
at Coney Island.
So much to leave behind. And yet so little.
Running down the hall I remembered
my mother
taking me to the top
of the Empire
State Building when I was just
a little girl,
telling me that a plane
had crashed there a long
time ago. So I thought that maybe
what happened. Just
an accident. And accidents
happen everyday.
Under the blown-out exit sign
a crowd
is screaming,
on the door.
I know:
You have to believe that I tried. I’m not the one
to give up.
Back at my desk, I rescue
the rolling pen,
at the blank screen, and
my picture
of you.
I look out
at the blue morning.
I expect
to see God there.
But what I really see is
another plane.
And I know what it means.
But I don’t know why…
I always thought that life was full of choices.
It always has been.
What to wear
Where to eat
Who to love
(and you know who I chose).
Now my choices have been taken away from me.
The men in the planes have narrowed my choices
Death by fire, or death by fall.
I see the smoke
filling the room
It’s hard to breathe
I look towards the open window.
would falling feel like?
I remember the roller coaster at Coney Island.
The wind tugging at my hair
How good it felt to scream.
The feeling in my stomach.
And how all the way down
I was with you.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Another Addition

 Meet "Little Albert"
the new Guinea I picked up at the last Poultry Swap in our area.
I'm hoping he solves my bug problem in the garden.
I'm new to Guineas, 
but I'm loving some of the antics that have been going on.
Like getting my mom to chase him clear across a field 
(those Guineas are FAST)
and hanging out on top of the coop.

Guess that'll teach my family to let me go to a Poultry Swap unsupervised!