Monday, March 20, 2017

Getting the Car in the Garage

As I think it is with most garages, 
mine was a mess and a car wouldn't fit in it.
Some of the items- like the windows and new toilet and sink-
are there until they can be put in their new homes.
Other stuff was just tossed in there
(mostly by me I admit)
because I didn't know where else to put them.
So because we were in for a big snow storm, 
Big E and I decided to tackle the mess.
We needed to get things moved and organized 
so my car could fit in the garage in the event
the snow emergency went into effect.
The stack of wood on the right in the photo below
needed to get moved to the loft storage area.
Some of the plywood we were saving for various future projects
(like chicken coop repair/expansion),
and some pieces were slated for the burn pile.
We also wanted to get the counter tops in place
for Big E's work space.
We salvaged the cabinets from the old upstairs kitchen,
and moved them into the garage.
They'll make nice storage for Big E's tools,
and a nice area for him to get working on the projects I have for him.
The cabinets were all hung already
with the help of our friendly neighborhood Eagle Scout.
We just needed to move all the floor cabinets into place
and attached the counter.
We also saved the old "kitchen table" from the downstairs kitchen.
It was just a cabinet with a counter top.
We decided to use this as a little potting table for me and my plants, 
and a place to store all my gardening stuff.
For now, we used cinder blocks to raise it high enough to use, 
but Big E will eventually build a platform so the counter tops will be level.
For now the plywood for the new bathroom subfloor
and the items needed for the new bathroom
need to be pushed to one side, so it looks more cluttered than it is.
The area for my car was cleared out, 
and just in time as it snowed about 15 inches 2 days later.

I'm looking forward to getting all the tools moved to the garage 
to free up some space in the attic.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bathroom News

The Bathroom Fairy visited yesterday.
I know you can't really tell in the photo, 
but there is new plywood sublfloor
and the shower base is here.
Apparently, the floor is pretty uneven,
so it needs shims and new subfloor.
Pretty soon Big E will cut the drain hole for the shower,
and set up the parts for the shower faucets.
Once drains are in, 
I think drywall will go up quick and we'll have a finish bathroom in no time.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Lonely Only

This is Donner, the lone chicken in the coop.
She is the lone chicken because she ate one of her brooder mates, 
and my older chicken died.
Yes, she is named for the Donner Party,
the pioneer group who was forced to cannibalize members
 of their traveling party after getting trapped in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
in winter in 1846.
I have no clue what breed of chicken she is, though I fear she may be 
a black sex-link chicken.
I had a sex link before who terrorized any new chickens that came to the coop.
She got eaten, and I wasn't sad.
The cannibalistic nature of Donner makes me concerned
since I'm hitting up the Poultry Swap in April to get new pullets.
I certainly don't want them to be Donner's dinner.
She might also be an Australorp which would be fine.
She was supposed to be a Dominique chicken
known for their black and white checkered feathers.
She's a little lonely right now being the only hen in the henhouse.
And being lonely makes her friendly.
To people anyway.
My grandson enjoyed giving her some attention
and petting her.
He even tried to take her in the house and in his mom's car
so she could live in his room.
Apparently he has a couch in his room she could sleep on.
Also, my grandson speaks chicken.
He told us she was talking and when asked what she said, 
he leaned down, listened and said "She say my name!"
He later explained that she said "Bawk bawk bawk" and that means "Xavier"
in chicken.
Looking forward to getting the coop spruced up this month,
and fixing some minor repairs
to prepare for the new hens.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Narnia Wardrobe

A while ago, 
Big E and I went to get the giant wardrobe
 from his sister's house.
Luckily the thing comes apart, 
otherwise we would never be able to get it into the upstairs of our house.
In pieces, it was easy to transport, 
and pretty easy to move upstairs.
Assembly was tricky.
We needed 3 people to start- 2 to hold each side
and the other to put in the bolts.
Lucky for us, 
we have an Eagle Scout across the street.
Once the sides and top were bolted back together, 
I wasn't needed.
Except when I discovered the shelf was in backwards
and we had to unbolt the top to flip it around
(how it got put on wrong when the word "Front" is clearly written on the shelf I'll never know).
We finally got the bulk of the job done
once we got the back attached.
I'd like to find a Narnia poster or something and tack it to the back wall.
Big E said no.
I might just ignore him.
Attaching the front pieces was next.
I don't like that the doors don't go all the way down.
Big E thinks it would be a simple fix to make doors on the bottom.
For now I think I'll just store shoes on the bottom.
That leaves room in the closet for Big E's shoes.
Eventually, we got the doors all attached,
and everything in place.  
This thing is massive.
It doesn't really look great against that paneling.
Then again, nothing looks great against that paneling.
Eventually the wall will be a nice sage green,
and I think that will go nice with the wood.
It better since this wardrobe nearly takes up the entire wall.
We did have a few parts left over.
Big E thinks they were over kill.
Hopefully we don't get crushed to death.
In a couple of places there are hand written
descriptions about what the wardrobe was made of
and by whom.
Basically, the wardrobe was made of Christmas trees 
from the square in the City of Hagerstown.

I haven't found Narnia yet, but I'm still hoping.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Projects and Resolutions.

I've been absent from my blogging for a while.
I think part of the problem is being busy and tired, 
and the other part has to do with the winter blahs.
On the busy end of things, I've been doing small projects around the house.
On the To-Do List is getting the attic organized.
So far that task hasn't been crossed off the list.
Part of getting the attic organized is getting the garage organized (also on the list).
We need to get stuff put up in the garage storage loft
so Big E can get his workshop space organized 
and get the tools from the attic out to the garage.
Not only do we need to get the garage ready for tools, 
but we also need to make sure the car can fit in it again.
We've also been putting up closet doors 
so the brat child can have a closet that will magically help keep his room clean
(Yeah, I don't buy it either).
  And of course with the New Year came resolutions.
Or rather, just one resolution.
This year, I resolve to be selfish.
Yes, I said selfish.
What I mean is that this year I'm not putting my plans or ambitions 
on hold
for other people.
2016 was not a great year.
It brought a lot of unwanted drama
and an immense amount of stress.
It was a year that showed me that volunteering
just isn't something that's worth doing much any more.
And it's not just me.
This was a post from a volunteer fire department,
and what was said sums up my thoughts completely:
 Erie County Fire Depts
October 25, 2016 ·
The biggest killer in the volunteer service isn't the calls, it's the egos, the drama, the he said she said. That's what's killing the volunteer service. Can you imagine what it'd be like to drop all that, to come do your job do what needs done and worry about yourself? It would make this service a very beautiful thing. The passion and desire to belong and be involved in a department would thrive! The passion for some, many, is slowly dying because of these reasons, that's why volunteers don't care to volunteer, or to continue volunteering.

So, I'm going to be selfish.
My time belongs to me and my family,
and I'm not going to give it away easily.
I've been saying for 3 years I wanted to go get a library card 
and hang out at the library. 
I finally did that this past week.
I managed to get a rewrite done on the Georgia section of my book
and started on the next section.
And this summer, I have several backpacking trips planned,
and some adventures waiting in the wings.
So, yeah, I'm making this year about me
and about enjoying my life.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Better Than Tut's Tomb

Really, my attic is way better than King Tut's Tomb.
There's no poisonous air,
and there's no deadly curse.
But it still has good finds.
Like this find.
Poking around behind the area where I found the piece to the banister, 
I saw this metal box. 
At first I didn't really think much of it, 
but when I looked again while showing Big E
my treasure trove,
it dawned on me what it was.
It's the original milk delivery box for the house.
And it's in excellent condition.
The box says:
Property of Bupp's
877 York St
Rich- Whole
Clean Milk
I, of course, looked up Bupp's Dairy.
It was owned and operated by Walter Bupp 
from 1949-1968.
Mr. Bupp served as a Staff Sergeant in the Army
during WWII and started the dairy after the war.
The milk box is back out on the porch
where it belongs.
I'm still in the process of digging around in the attic.
Hopefully I'll have some other interesting finds.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Attic Archaeology

 I've always said my favorite thing in the house was the banister.
Every time I walk up the steps, 
I think about how many hands must have slide along the railing.
 When we tore down the walls that separated the upstairs from the downstairs
into apartments, 
we discovered that the end of the railing had been sawed off.
It was rather depressing, 
more so when we were told it would cost around $400 
to have that section replaced.
 So we slapped a piece of wood on the end to keep every thing as stable as possible.
Rummaging in the attic,
I found one of the missing spindles in a box.
I thought for sure I'd find the piece of the missing railing too.
But Big E said that was unlikely, 
and in my rummaging, we didn't find it or the other spindle.
So just this past Monday, the day after Christmas,
Big E finally installed a second light in the attic.
He too rummaged around, but didn't find anything.
Then yesterday evening, 
I went up to the attic in search of a door for the old kitchen.
There are several old storm windows, 
old fashioned window screens, 
old windows and old doors
piled on one side of the attic.
Armed with a measuring tape, I was determined to find the door for the room
that was once the upstairs apartment's kitchen.
I had to move all of the windows and lean them against the chimney.
Once I did that, I saw that there were some panes of glass
with something under them.
I couldn't quite tell what it was, but at the same time, 
my brain was registering that it was something to get excited about.
 It was the missing railing piece!
I can't even begin to describe the excitement about finding this.
Plus, I also found the other missing spindle.
While it has been sawed, 
beat up, 
and missing about a 2 inch chunk,
I definitely want it reattached.
The abuse it has suffered only adds to its story.
I can not wait to have it back to its original glory.
there were a couple other finds in the attic too.