Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kitchen Reveal

It's been a while since the kitchen walls were painted, 
and finally (thanks to being confined because of the snow)
I finished the trim and most of the touchups.
So, here's the kitchen process.
First photo is the kitchen as it was originally.
Note the "table" to the left- 
it was actually a cabinet with laminate counter top.
The fridge had apple stickers on it,
the floor had duct tape over areas that had been worn down.
 First we removed the built in "table".
Then we removed the vinyl flooring,
which revealed hardwood on most of the floor.
We attempted to removed the wallpaper paneling, 
but discovered the plaster walls were in very bad shape.
The decision was made to paint over the paneling.
Primer made a HUGE improvement.
Notice the cabinet by the doorway
(it's white on top, brown on bottom)
It's been the topic of much discussion on what to do with it.
Painted brown it was an eyesore, 
and I was thinking of taking off the top door to see if it made a difference.
 On the agenda is removing the retro lamp.
 We started cutting in.
And I want to say another THANK YOU! 
.to my family who helped.
 When my dad saw the color he wanted to know 
if we were opening a bordello.
(he's also not fond of the red front door)
Here is the finished product.
Turns out the white on the cabinet made a world of difference.
I'm using it as is for storing my small appliances.
The floor isn't done, of course.
There is some serious hope that I'll be able to remove the plywood,
and put down hardwood in the back part of the kitchen.
I don't want to lose the hardwood floors.
This spring, the cabinets will be updated.
I'll be adding some 1x2's to frame the doors and then paint them white.
But for now, they're fine.
Amazing what a few coats of paint can do.
(Note: red paint takes several coats before it's covered. 
 I should have tinted the primer red but didn't.  I think that would have made a difference. 
 I applied about 2 1/2 coats- after the 2nd coat I only had to spot treat the light areas)