Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Primed and Ready to Go

This is the kitchen.
There used to be a "built in" table
under that light that was made out of cabinets and counter top.
And against this wall where the folding table sits
used to be a large wall cabinet on the wall.
The plan is to build a ceiling to floor 
pantry here.
Hopefully this summer
as there is basically no pantry space and it's driving me nuts.
This coming Saturday,
myself and my merry band of painters
are tackling the kitchen.
Because the plaster walls behind the paneling 
(the wallpaper is paneling too)
are in very bad shape and we aren't ready to tackle that yet,
we're painting over the paneling to freshen up the kitchen.
That means priming the walls.
Last night I managed to get 2 coats on the walls.
I still need to put a second coat on some trim,
and I have some spots of something 
 bleeding through that I need to try to cover.
(you'd think 2 coats of primer would take care of it)
Even just the primer improves the space.
I can't wait to see the transformation!