Monday, February 1, 2016


I went over to take care of the chickens yesterday evening.
They were in the coop until I showed up, then they wanted to hang out with me.
We took a stroll down to the barn.
It cracks me up how they follow me around.
Mostly they stuck to the grassy paths, 
except Royal Farms.
She opted to go where no chicken has gone before.
Before leaving, 
we noticed Louise never left the coop.
Seems the leg band she had slipped down and had cut her leg.
So we had to do some emergency first aid.
She was quite content to lay in my husband's arms.
I imagine not having to put any pressure on the leg and being warm had something to do with it.
After some antibacterial ointment
and blue camo vet wrap, she was ready to go.
I'll have to keep an eye on her leg,
but I'm sure she'll be fine.