Friday, January 8, 2016

Rewiring the House

Old houses typically have old wiring,
unless someone at sometime has taken the time and money
to have it rewired.
No one has had anything rewired in our place.
We still have old knob and tube wiring.
Above you can see the old wire and the pile of dirt under it
which is in fact the disintegrating pieces of the old wires' casing.
Here our handy master electrician friend works on what I considered the scariest outlet.
It had caught on fire at one time
and the wall also showed signs of scorching.
 It's amazing that the house hasn't burned down.
It's lots of fun hearing the electrician say things like"
"What the hell?!"
"I've been doing electrical work for a long time and I'm never seen anything like this."
"What the hell were they thinking?!"
After a while, everyone had to switch to headlamps as the sun
was going down and the electricity was not turned on.
In fact, I was priming the kitchen walls
by oil lamp.
We're still not finished the rewiring process.
We have the whole upstairs to do and the kitchen, dining room and back room
to finish downstairs.
We haven't met an outlet that doesn't have some sort of issue.
Stay tuned for the continuation
of the Rewiring project.