Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What Lies Beneath

Last night we had high hopes of getting started dry walling the one foot space between the ceiling and where the drop ceiling was in the living room.
That didn't happen.
Instead, the hubby and I opted to clean out the drop ceiling in the kitchen.
That might seem like a weird project, 
but we discovered that mice have spent years living above that awful drop ceiling.
We want to be able to start using the kitchen downstairs
(since the one upstairs is the size of a very small bedroom 
because, well, it used to be a very small bedroom)
but the thought of mouse poop hovering above our heads (and food)
wasn't very appealing.
So we ended up taking down each tile, brushing it off, vacuuming the drop ceiling tracks and tops of the cabinets and then replacing the tiles.
Be thankful I didn't take photos of all the dead bodies lining the kitchen floor.
Once that job was finished, 
Big E wanted to find another job to do.
(he wanted to listen to the Redskins game 
and could only do that on the radio downstairs)
So he decided to start pulling down the pressed cardboard tiles we found
under the drop ceiling in the dining room.
On a side note, in the above picture you can see the crazy contraption
that was built to support the ceiling fan.  
It was moved from the center of the room to about a foot and a half off center
(it will be going back where it belongs).
I also noticed a weird coloration on the ceiling and thought it was concrete.
Turns out, at some point the dining room ceiling was wall papered.
It wasn't the most attractive wallpaper I've ever seen,
but I do think it was pretty cool to find it.
Big E tore off a couple of chunks for me to save.
It reminds me of a brain.
While pulling down the ceiling, 
we found a few mouse nests made from insulation that we can only speculate came from the attic.
There were also more bodies.
Hopefully, we won't find any signs of live mice now that we've cleaned those areas out.
And if some show up, 
the cats better take care of business.