Monday, December 14, 2015

The Red Door

This is the front of our house.
I want you to take special note of the front door.
In case you can't tell where it is,
it's on the left- the only thing without black shutters.
While you're checking it out, 
take notice of the blank white area above the glass on the storm door.
That's where the transom window was/is.
I was pretty bummed out thinking 
that the transom was gone and covered up.
So imagine my excitement 
when my husband figured out 
there was just a board tacked over the outside of the window.
Still, the door isn't very attractive.
It was too plain.
The house had zero curb appeal,
so I opted to go bold.
I went red.
This is the final color
and the screen door has been removed.
I still need to sand and paint the trim, 
but I'm loving the red door.
My husband, who actually doubted me,
likes the red door.
The neighbors like it, I think.
My dad hates it.
red doors carry some meaning.

 In the Old Testament in Exodus chapter 12, God tells the Israelites 
to slaughter a lamb on the 14th day of the month at twilight,
and smear the blood of the lamb on the top and sides of the doors.
This same night, the Angel of Death 
would go through Egypt killing every first born male,
but the Angel would pass over those homes with blood on the door
sparing the first born.
Today many churches have red painted doors to signify this covenant 
between God and the Israelites
and also as a symbol of the blood Jesus shed.

During the Civil War, 
homes that were a part of the Underground Railroad
often painted their front doors red to let escaped slaves know it was a place of refuge.
It was also use as a sign to weary travelers
that the dwelling offered a comfortable place to stay.

Luck and Energy
The Chinese consider red to be a lucky color
and paint their front doors red at the start of their new year.
In Feng Shui practices, a red door signifies the "mouth" of the home
which allows chi ("life's breath" or the energy that binds life together)
 to be drawn inside  

So, seems my choice of color has nothing but positive meanings behind it!