Monday, December 21, 2015

Living Room Transformation

This past Saturday, we painted.
Here is the before photo
back before we pulled up the 1970's red carpet
and before we removed the drop ceiling.
Here is the room after the carpet was removed
and revealed gorgeous 100 year old hardwood flooring.
Then we removed the drop ceiling
which revealed that drywall had been placed over the existing plaster wall.
But only up to the spot where the drop ceiling started.
Eventually we will have to rip everything out
because right now, the trim is either flush with the drywall
or the drywall sticks out past the trim.
But for now, we added drywall to the 12" space.
Another pre-drywall photo where you can also see the large
water stain on the ceiling and the nail holes from the drop ceiling brackets.

Finally we got the drywall in place and put on a coat of joint compound 
and sanded everything down.
I'm pretty sure this isn't the White Christmas Bing had in mind.
Finally it was time to start painting!
A BIG thank you to my cousin and aunt
who came to help us out.
We managed to get the the walls in the living room 
and hallway painted
along with most of the trim in the living room.
We wouldn't have gotten so much done without their help.
I'm also not above using child labor
despite those pesky child labor laws.
Of course this kid typically does about 10 minutes of work 
and then needs a 15 hour break.

And finally
the basically finished living room.
You can't tell, but there are touch ups needed on the windows behind the tree
and the other 2 windows not shown need trim painted.
However, I'm running out of time
so painting is on hold until after the fast approaching holiday season.
The hubby is happy that we can set up the new giant TV
and last night we moved the couch out of our bedroom and into the living room.
I might not be painting,
but I see a lot of furniture moving and cleaning in my very near future.
(and hopefully we can NOW decorate the tree!)