Monday, December 7, 2015


Most people like surprises, 
at least the good kind of surprise. 
In a hundred year old house, there are surprises- some good, some not so good. 
Finding the original plaster wall in bad shape beneath the ugly wallpaper paneling in the kitchen?
Bad surprise.
Finding original 100 year old hardwood under living room carpet in good shape?
Good surprise.
Photo of the scroll work
Another good surprise was discovering some interesting indentations on the wood running along the bottom of the railing along the upstairs hallway.  
I've been up and down the steps tons of times and never noticed anything.  
Then one evening, the setting sun hit that section just right 
and threw enough shadow to pop out the indentations.  
Originally there appears to have been some scroll work on the wood 
that was painted over many times.  
Eventually someone removed the scroll work 
(yes, I'm screaming and sobbing inside as well), 
but the layers of paint left the impression.  
My plan is to use a pencil to rub the edges to make them stand out and 
take the time to paint the curls and swirls so they can be seen again.  
It won't be the wood scroll work it was back in the day, 
but at least the shape and decor can be salvaged.  
It's little discoveries like this 
that get me excited and give me the motivation to poke around and find more surprises.
I'll be sharing them all,
no matter how unpleasant
(finding mouse poop in the drop ceiling in the kitchen and realizing it's been used as a stealthy mouse superhighway? BAD surprise. Especially when you have it nearly dumped on your head.
Excuse me while I go shower in scalding water and bleach)