Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Evils of Flooring

Our flooring removal extended beyond the living room.
The next carpet on the chopping black was the dining room carpet.
When we removed the living room carpet, 
we revealed gorgeous 100 year old hardwood floors
with minimal amount of wear.
What would the dining room reveal?
It revealed that someone actually glued, 
yes, GLUED,
carpet to the 100 year old floor.
The end result was a sea of black padding
stuck to glue
stuck to the hardwood floor.
I think whomever decided back in the day 
that gluing anything to hardwood was
the best way to go
should be strung up and whipped.
Our only option was to scrape off the adhesive.
I'll share more on that process later.
We also needed to remove the linoleum in the kitchen.
I had peeked under the linoleum in places and knew
the hardwood was under that too.

the hardwood did not extend the entire length of the kitchen.
As it turns out, the original foot print of the house
ended where the plywood subfloor starts.
So the area where my husband is standing is all part of an addition.
There is a header beam in the ceiling that confirms this.
So, even though the hardwood in the kitchen is in really good shape
(better than the living room)
We can't use it.
The new addition's flooring was made to be level with the existing floor
so to try to add hardwood to match would be impossible as it would be higher than the existing floor.
So, we're back to the original idea of the black and white tiles.
I can't even tell you how upsetting it is for me to cover this floor
(especially after complaining about other people doing it). 
But the addition left us no other alternative.
(Unless I convince my dad or my husband that we should pull up the old flooring, lay subfloor and put tiles on that and save the hardwood for another project- like using it to make a kitchen counter top.  But My chances of that are slim to none)