Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Between ripping and scraping floors
and spackling drywall,
we have managed to try and prepare for the coming holiday season.
We have a tree.
Apparently our eyes were bigger than our living room
because we got a 10'5" tree 
for 8'9" ceilings.
But with some trimming and finagling, 
we've managed to get it inside.
It currently has half the lights on it
(we used 600 I had to buy more) but no ornaments yet.
Though I think the galvanized tub as tree skirt looks fabulous
even with no other decorations.
(I was pleased to find a use for the tub we purchased and used as a cooler for beer at our wedding).
We're steadily getting things prepared for painting this coming weekend
and slowly getting ready for Christmas.
 Though once Christmas comes and goes, 
I might sleep for a week straight.