Monday, February 29, 2016

Laundry Room

The laundry room had some serious carpet issues.
Not only was it an unattractive color,
but is didn't smell very good either.
And it was glued to the cement.
At one time, the laundry room was a porch.
They left the siding on the former exterior wall.
This turns out to be a good thing for us.
When we convert the upstairs apartment entrance door to a window, 
we can use the siding from the laundry room
to fill in on the exterior where the door was.
So, we got rid of the old fridge and began scraping 
up the carpet backing
(we seem to do this a lot).
And from what we can tell,
we'll be doing the same thing in the upstairs.
Anyway, we scraped the floor.
After removing all the carpet and padding, 
I scrubbed the floor to try to get rid of the odor.
Nothing seemed to work with that 100%.
My thought is that a dog peed in there on the carpet
and it soaked through to the porous cement.
The game plan is to seal the cement with a primer that locks in odors.
I primed the walls,
and chose a minty green color called Witch's Brew
for the room.
Yes, I chose it mostly for its name.
So, I planned on finishing up the trim paint
and priming the floor
before posting any kind of reveal.
Then Friday, Big E got home early.
 And he decided it was a good time to rip off the aluminum siding
from the former exterior wall.
 Underneath is old asphalt siding.
If it were in better shape,
 I would have painted it white and leave the brick-like effect,
but there are too many holes.
Big E also took out the bathroom window.
We're preparing for demoing the bathroom,
which is what prompted the whole window and siding removal.
So the laundry room is not finished,
and the big reveal will have to wait until we have
fixed the back wall and closed in the window
and put down the laminate flooring. 
So much to do!