Monday, February 15, 2016

Desktops Complete

We had a pretty productive weekend this weekend.
Big E was as anxious as I was 
to get the office area up and running.
We used 2x4's we saved from demoing the old wall
separating the upstairs and downstairs
to make a ledge for the desktop to rest on.
And we used the closet doors for the desktop,
so we didn't spend any money and we kept some things out of the landfill.
And after just a few more hours,
we had two desks.
Mine, of course, already has a ton of stuff on the shelves,
and a sign that reads "Ghost Stories Told Here".
Big E's area is a little barren
(though I'm certain I can help fill it up)
and sports his Elvis sign.
Eventually the room will be primed white
to brighten it up and make it easier to find curtains to match.
I'm itching to be able to start using the space.
Our productive weekend kept us from having much free time at home.