Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Garage

First, I apologize for the not so great photos,
but the garage is not well lit and it was dark.
Last night, Big E and I began working on organizing the garage.
Right now, it's a hodge podge of cabinets, replacement windows, scrap metal,
paneling from the house and various pieces of wood slated to go to the burn pile.
No room for my car,
or anything else for that matter.
Plus, I'm anxoius to get my laundry room cleaned up, 
and Big E's tools need a place to go live other than my laundry storage cabinet.
So, it was time to try to get things picked up.
Once again, we've managed to save and reuse items.
For his work shop area, 
Big E salvaged the cabinets from the former upstairs kitchen.
I'm quite pleased with how much we've been able to reuse so far.  
It saves money and it keeps the stuff out of the landfill-
win for everyone.
Anyway, we got the biggest (and heaviest) into position, got ready to screw it into place
and the drill battery died.
While annoying at first, 
it gave us a moment to rethink placement of cabinets and discuss where my gardening stuff is going.
So tonight we will move everything around and get the cabinets up 
and the tools out of my laundry room.
I'm hoping I get to claim some space for gardening items.
I might just have to forgo space for my car.