Thursday, February 11, 2016

Weekend in the Office

This is our back room in the downstairs.
From day one, we planned to make this 
and office/den/guest room/playroom.
Sounds crazy.
My idea was to remove the closet doors, add a shelf
and make a built in desk top to create his and hers desk areas.
I've been dying to have a space to scrapbook again, 
and this should provide the storage I need to have all those supplies at hand.
And with some portable folding tables, 
I have the room to have some fellow scrapbookers come over and scrap together.
I'm anxious to get the office up and running.
It drives me nuts to not have an area to keep paperwork organized.
So, using the 2x4's from the former upstairs dividing wall, 
the boards from the upstairs kitchen pantry and the closet doors,
we'll be able to get both desk areas completed for little to no cost!
This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how to keep stuff out of the landfill, 
figure out a good use for it if you can't recycle!
I can not even begin to express how excited I am about this space.
It's been about 2-3 years since I've been able to scrapbook.
And I like to be organized.
As far as changing the room itself, 
the husband and I have opted to leave the paneling as is for now.
The carpet isn't the greatest, but it's doable.
Plus the walls will be covered with our "collections":
the husband has a ton of Elvis photos and such, and I have a ton of ghost/paranormal items.
It'll be a hodge podge, but it's a good place for us to display our stuff
(and really, Elvis and the paranormal are more closely related than one might think- with him not quite dead and all)
And in other news, 
the replacement windows arrived.
I can't wait to get these in!
Right now they're taking up my parking space in the garage, 
so our other chore to finish is to get the cabinets up in the garage.
The husband saved the cabinets from the old upstairs kitchen to use to make himself a workshop.
Once the shelves are up, 
we can get things moved around so I can get back in the garage
(especially because we're expecting more ice and snow next week).
Hopefully everything will run smoothly, 
and next week I'll have some "after" photos.
Keep your fingers crossed!