Monday, April 20, 2015

Renovation Day

This past Saturday was a gorgeous sunny 75 degree day
so we decided it was a good day to move the new chickens in
and upgrade the old coop.

The plan consisted of moving the side of the coop 1.5 feet
to add more floor space.
Martha Stewart was not happy about all the noise and bailed out of the coop.
In fact, there needed to be a couple of "egg breaks"
so the hens could lay their eggs. 

The other part of the renovation was adding 2.5 feet to the run
and making the run the same height as the coop.

Here is the mostly finished project.
All I need to do is paint it 
and make some "chicken furniture".
The new chickens were moved in
and that meant everyone is stuck in the coop 
for a few days until the new girls get used to the new home.
Bertha, the Queen Bee of this coop, was not very happy 
to find the old doorway was now closed off.
She's also not very happy that there are new chickens around.
In fact, I had to take the smallest chicken back home
as she was pecked and was bleeding.
She's now back in the house recovering.
Hopefully quickly!