Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Yesterday was a beautiful day in our neck of the world
and since an injury has me sidelined from the gym and from my usual hike training,
I figured it was time to lay out a plan for the coop renovations.
Because I brought home 1 chick more than I was supposed to intended,
and 2 of the new chicks are Jersey Giants- the largest breed of chicken,
it was evident that we needed to make the coop a little larger 
to accommodate all the girls comfortably.
I had already planned to redo the run of the coop by making it the same height as the coop itself.
This would let me enter the run to clean it
and allow me to hang a waterer
and add some perches.
The plan has morphed into adding  1 1/2 feet to the existing coop
(which requires cutting large openings in the existing wall), 
adding 1-2 windows 
(which may require the need to relocate a support beam
and/or the existing perch)
adding 2 feet to the run
making the run the same height as the coop
and replacing the small door with a door big enough
for me to enter the run.
My husband is thrilled.
Bertha was interested in the goings-on 
and came to check it out.
Truthfully, I'm pretty sure she was looking for me to give her food.
Over the weekend they got some strawberry pieces
and that means (to them) that I might have strawberry pieces each time I come to the coop.
She and I had a talk about being nice to the new arrivals when they move in
as she is the boss of the coop.
She might have a run for her money 
as one of the new Speckled Sussex pullets is asserting her authority in the brooder.
We might end up with 2 rival chicken gangs like 
the Sharks and the Jets.
If I see any of them snapping their fingers
and singing I'll let you know.