Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Prepping the Garden

The husband was hard at work Sunday and Monday
getting the veggie garden ready for planting.
This past fall we dumped quite a bit of composted manure
onto the garden- something we neglected to do the year before
and we paid for it in lack of production.
So Big E went to work tilling in the compost.
He also went to work making the edges perfectly straight.
Finally, he limed the garden good.
We have one more bag of lime we need to finish up one corner
but for the most part, it's done.
 I spent my evening making a to scale drawing of the garden
so I could get an idea of where I wanted things to go.
We wanted to make sure we rotated the various veggies
in the hopes that it would help with squash bug issues
and that rotation and added compost would boost our crops.
I paid special attention to companion planting 
and spacing (something I never really paid much attention to).
I ended up having a little extra room for a small herb garden-
on paper at least.
We'll see how well I planned once it's time to get the seeds and plants in the ground.