Thursday, April 30, 2015

Access Denied

I used to let the hens wander in the veggie garden thinking
they'd help with the bug population.
However, I learned pretty quick
that all they seem to do is eat my cabbage and kale
and scratch up newly planted seeds.
So this past Tuesday evening,
I put up a fence.
They weren't happy. 
But perhaps this year I'll be able to try out 
my homemade sauerkraut recipe.
And in other news, 
I now have 2 chickens who think sitting on me is fun to do.
Henny Penny (on the left) and Royal Farms (named by the 8 year old)
both came over to visit.  
RF learned that getting a scratch under the chin is pretty nice.
They enjoyed sitting on my arm.
Since they're the closest thing I'll ever have to a hawk,
I'm thinking I should get a couple of those falconry hoods for them to wear.

(a quick chicken update: Penny was pecked pretty severely yesterday evening and is once again in the house in the old brooder.  It's a little touch and go but she made it through the night and was up eating and drinking)