Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Henny Penny

Meet Henny Penny.
She is the pullet I got to replace the rooster I ended up having 
in the group I had been raising.
While the person I got her from said she was the same age as the other 3 pullets I had, 
she was at least 2 weeks younger than they were.
So when I put them all in the new coop, 
she got picked on more because she was the smallest.
This resulted in her getting pecked to the point of bleeding.
Because chickens are drawn to the color red,
little Henny Penny would have been pecked to death because of the color of her blood.
So she had to come back home and stay until healed.
She got her name from this book that I loved as a kid.
It's about a chicken named Henny Penny 
(seen on the cover in the stylish head scarf)
who gets hit in the head with an acorn and thinks the sky is falling
and along with her friends Gander Lander, Goosey Lucy and Turkey Lurkey
rushes off to tell the king.
They meet up with Foxy Loxy who tells them about a "short cut"
in the hopes of getting some dinner.
I won't spoil the ending.
Anyway, I thought the name was a good fit
and so did my son who thinks she is similar to the color of a Penny.

So Penny stayed inside for another week while her wounds healed 
and her feathers started growing back.
This past Sunday, I finally put her out with the rest of the girls.
I was working in the garden so I was close by 
to monitor her and make sure she didn't get injured again. 
As I worked in the garden, 
every now and then I would hear chirping and see Penny come running to me
looking for me to pick her up and give her a scratch under the chin.

She even came and sat with me in the sun when I took a break.
Needless to say, 
she's my favorite.