Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Attic Archaeology

 I've always said my favorite thing in the house was the banister.
Every time I walk up the steps, 
I think about how many hands must have slide along the railing.
 When we tore down the walls that separated the upstairs from the downstairs
into apartments, 
we discovered that the end of the railing had been sawed off.
It was rather depressing, 
more so when we were told it would cost around $400 
to have that section replaced.
 So we slapped a piece of wood on the end to keep every thing as stable as possible.
Rummaging in the attic,
I found one of the missing spindles in a box.
I thought for sure I'd find the piece of the missing railing too.
But Big E said that was unlikely, 
and in my rummaging, we didn't find it or the other spindle.
So just this past Monday, the day after Christmas,
Big E finally installed a second light in the attic.
He too rummaged around, but didn't find anything.
Then yesterday evening, 
I went up to the attic in search of a door for the old kitchen.
There are several old storm windows, 
old fashioned window screens, 
old windows and old doors
piled on one side of the attic.
Armed with a measuring tape, I was determined to find the door for the room
that was once the upstairs apartment's kitchen.
I had to move all of the windows and lean them against the chimney.
Once I did that, I saw that there were some panes of glass
with something under them.
I couldn't quite tell what it was, but at the same time, 
my brain was registering that it was something to get excited about.
 It was the missing railing piece!
I can't even begin to describe the excitement about finding this.
Plus, I also found the other missing spindle.
While it has been sawed, 
beat up, 
and missing about a 2 inch chunk,
I definitely want it reattached.
The abuse it has suffered only adds to its story.
I can not wait to have it back to its original glory.
there were a couple other finds in the attic too.