Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Updates and a Secret Experimental Project

Lots has been going on the past 2 weeks.
My grandson turned 3 and we're hosting a birthday party
this coming weekend.
That means the "honey-do" list gets kicked into high gear.
Big E and I managed to take a large brush pile
to the local mulching plant.
That frees up a parking space
not to mention the yard looks a lot nicer now.
Big E has also hooked up the light in the dining room, 
so now we can see in there past 5:00pm.
I'm finishing up the Christmas decorating,
and I've started another project I'm hoping will be finished Thursday night.
During work on my secret project, 
I discovered that the upstairs bathroom was once painted a lovely pepto bismal pink.
That's only slightly uglier than the shiny speckled wall paneling.
Stay tuned for the updates on my secret.