Thursday, December 15, 2016

Winterizing the Coop

Tuesday I finally managed to get the chicken coop 
ready for winter.
I had already put the heated waterer in the coop, 
but I hadn't managed to get the plastic sheeting up.
With a deep freeze forecasted for today and tomorrow, 
it was important to get the run covered.
I left some areas open to offer some ventilation,
and to allow the chickens to see out.
If there is a bad storm forecasted or some seriously cold weather,
I'll cover up these areas temporarily.
I only have 2 chickens left, 
so they don't have the ability to generate as much warmth
as, say, 10 chickens.

This is the only pullet I have left from the 4 I ordered online.
She ended up pecking her fellow pullet coop mate to death.
It seems that my Jersey Giant hen was preventing 
the two pullets from getting to the food.
I've named this pullet Donner.
I'm not going to bother with any more baby chicks.
I'm just waiting for April to roll around so I can head out to the Poultry Swap
and grab some more pullets ready for the coop.