Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Secret Project: The Upstairs Bathroom

The following photos are the before shots
of the upstairs bathroom.
This is our only working bathroom while the downstairs bathroom 
gets gutted and remodeled.
The bathroom is ugly.
It's ugly, and it seems like it isn't clean, 
though I assure you it is, 
and that means it's a huge embarrassment when people need to use it.
So I came up with the idea to paint the paneling.
I met resistance from Big E, but he eventually gave in.
He didn't agree with me, he just accepted I was doing it either way.
The bathroom has the exact same formica on the walls
that is on the kitchen counter and backsplash.
And one of the previous tenants used that plastic window film
to winterize the windows, 
but they left the sticky strip of double sided tape behind.
It actually came off pretty easy with some scraping with a putty knife
and a little Goo Gone.
The room looked better just removing that old yellowed tape.
Afterwards, I washed down the walls with just some warm soapy water-
just using a little Dawn dish soap, nothing chemical.
Then I had to use medium grit sand paper to knock the shine off the paneling, 
and then use a damp rag to wipe the dust off the walls.

You can't see in these photos, 
but the wall inside the shower is actually damaged from the water.
That's what happens when you put paneling inside a shower.
(you an see that the tile doesn't go all the way up the wall)

Then I used a kitchen and bath primer to prime all the walls.
It took 2 coats to get really good coverage.

The room really brightened up and looked 100 times better
just with the primer!
The primer also covered the areas of damaged paneling.
I'm not sure how it will hold up with the water from the shower,
but it's still better than it was.
Big E grudgingly admitted it was an improvement.
Now he wants to paint the ceiling too.
I picked a peachy color for the walls.
These photos don't really do the color justice 
because the lighting isn't the best.
It took 2 coats of paint to get the best coverage for the paint.
I washed the mini blinds off in the tub with some warm water
and a little soap which cleaned them up pretty good.
I also got a new shower curtain to match the new walls.
Big E isn't a fan of the shower curtain, 
he thinks it's too psychedelic.
 But he also didn't think painting the bathroom was a good idea either.
The last thing I wanted to point out was 
the watercolor painting hanging on the wall.
It was painted by my very talented cousin for our grandmother.
The bathroom color was chosen to match this painting.
I think I chose well.
The bathroom turned out awesome if I say so myself.
I was unsure of the color once it was up, 
but it is actually exactly what I was looking for.
It makes the bathroom feel bright, warm and cheery.
The cost break down is:
Gallon of Primer- $20
Gallon of Paint- $15
Shower Curtain- $15
Picture Frame- $15
For a total cost of $65.00
I didn't go with the expensive paint because this room will be demoed in the future, 
I just wanted a quick fix to make it less embarrassing. 
I think I totally accomplished the goal.