Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Better Than Tut's Tomb

Really, my attic is way better than King Tut's Tomb.
There's no poisonous air,
and there's no deadly curse.
But it still has good finds.
Like this find.
Poking around behind the area where I found the piece to the banister, 
I saw this metal box. 
At first I didn't really think much of it, 
but when I looked again while showing Big E
my treasure trove,
it dawned on me what it was.
It's the original milk delivery box for the house.
And it's in excellent condition.
The box says:
Property of Bupp's
877 York St
Rich- Whole
Clean Milk
I, of course, looked up Bupp's Dairy.
It was owned and operated by Walter Bupp 
from 1949-1968.
Mr. Bupp served as a Staff Sergeant in the Army
during WWII and started the dairy after the war.
The milk box is back out on the porch
where it belongs.
I'm still in the process of digging around in the attic.
Hopefully I'll have some other interesting finds.