Thursday, February 2, 2017

Projects and Resolutions.

I've been absent from my blogging for a while.
I think part of the problem is being busy and tired, 
and the other part has to do with the winter blahs.
On the busy end of things, I've been doing small projects around the house.
On the To-Do List is getting the attic organized.
So far that task hasn't been crossed off the list.
Part of getting the attic organized is getting the garage organized (also on the list).
We need to get stuff put up in the garage storage loft
so Big E can get his workshop space organized 
and get the tools from the attic out to the garage.
Not only do we need to get the garage ready for tools, 
but we also need to make sure the car can fit in it again.
We've also been putting up closet doors 
so the brat child can have a closet that will magically help keep his room clean
(Yeah, I don't buy it either).
  And of course with the New Year came resolutions.
Or rather, just one resolution.
This year, I resolve to be selfish.
Yes, I said selfish.
What I mean is that this year I'm not putting my plans or ambitions 
on hold
for other people.
2016 was not a great year.
It brought a lot of unwanted drama
and an immense amount of stress.
It was a year that showed me that volunteering
just isn't something that's worth doing much any more.
And it's not just me.
This was a post from a volunteer fire department,
and what was said sums up my thoughts completely:
 Erie County Fire Depts
October 25, 2016 ·
The biggest killer in the volunteer service isn't the calls, it's the egos, the drama, the he said she said. That's what's killing the volunteer service. Can you imagine what it'd be like to drop all that, to come do your job do what needs done and worry about yourself? It would make this service a very beautiful thing. The passion and desire to belong and be involved in a department would thrive! The passion for some, many, is slowly dying because of these reasons, that's why volunteers don't care to volunteer, or to continue volunteering.

So, I'm going to be selfish.
My time belongs to me and my family,
and I'm not going to give it away easily.
I've been saying for 3 years I wanted to go get a library card 
and hang out at the library. 
I finally did that this past week.
I managed to get a rewrite done on the Georgia section of my book
and started on the next section.
And this summer, I have several backpacking trips planned,
and some adventures waiting in the wings.
So, yeah, I'm making this year about me
and about enjoying my life.