Tuesday, July 16, 2013


With the garden producing copious amounts of veggies,
I needed to get going on the preserving otherwise all the time, 
effort and money but into the garden would be wasted. 
I started with pickles. 
I've never made pickles.
And because I have yet to gather all my canning needs,
I went with a recipe for refrigerator garlic dill pickles
(if they taste good, I'll share the recipe).

I ended up with 4 quart jars and 3 pint jars.
We get to taste them on Thursday,
hopefully they're good or I wasted a lot of cucumbers
(though there are plenty more where they came from).
I also cut enough zucchini and squash to fill 7 quart freezer bags.
There's still an entire basket of squash and more in the garden. 
I see zucchini bread in my future.