Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The State of the Garden

These are apparently Mexican Bean Beetle larvae.
We made the choice to pull up the bush bean plants
as a large majority are chewed up presumably by these critters.
We have pole beans growing now so we'll still have plenty of beans.
The broccoli is also gone.
Sadly, the pumpkin plants will also be pulled up
having been decimated by squash bugs
and powdery mildew.
The squash plants aren't looking so hot either,
but at least I can replant those.
The peas are pooping out.
Some of the pea plants got too wet and mushy.
On an up note, I'm going to be a canning fool
(provided I figure out how to can)
because we're going to have more tomatoes than we'll know what to do with.
And we've frozen 17 quarts of squash, 2 quarts of beans (with 3-4 quarts still to freeze), 2 quarts of chopped green bell pepper, a quart of chopped hot pepper
and a quart of peas.
The corn still looks great (knock on wood)
and we have a zillion peppers.
Now, I'm thinking along the lines of fall/winter gardening.
Kale maybe?