Friday, July 12, 2013


This year, our corn is looking pretty good.
We used to try growing corn when we first moved here,
but every time there was a strong wind it blew over.
Eventually, we stopped bothering to grow it.
This year, however, my son was insistent that we try it again
(because corn is one of the few veggies he eats).
I researched some ideas and decided to make the rows of corn perpendicular 
to the other rows in the garden.
This would leave the widest opening facing the area of the prevailing winds
with the hope that the corn wouldn't blow over as the wind had less resistance. 
It worked until the day we had back to back storms
which blew over a large section of the corn.
But with some ingenuity,
we think we've overcome the problem.

I came up with the idea of creating a windbreak out of garden stakes and burlap.
We've had a couple of strong storms since then
and the corn is still growing tall.
Next year, I think I'll get thicker stakes
as the weight of wet burlap bows the ones I have now
and even snapped off one of them.
Still, I think we might actually managed some corn this year!