Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Freezing Corn

We managed to pick 46 ears of corn the other day.
Out of the 46 there were about 5 that weren't good either because of bugs,
bad spots or not being developed enough.
So after eating some, 
I had 30 something ears of corn to do something with.
I opted to freeze it, not because of my canning phobia,
but because many recommend freezing as the best method.
First you husk the corn.
Remove as much silk as possible- using a brush if needed.
The Corn then needs to be blanched,
so start a pot of water boiling while you husk.
Place cobs in boiling water for 4 minutes.

Immediately place cobs in a bowl of ice water.
This stops the cooking process.
Leave in the ice water for about the same amount of time you blanched them
(4 minutes).
Next, cut the corn off the cob.
There were suggestions to use a bundt pan to hold the corn.
This would work great if you have fat cobs.

I didn't, so I found that just holding it on a plate was better
(the cob kept sliding further into the hole in the pan.

Your corn will look clumped, but don't worry, 
it will break apart into single kernels when you bag it.
The finished product- 2 quart bags of fresh corn ready for the freezer.