Tuesday, August 23, 2016


So, how many people walk into their Post Office and say,
"I'm here to pick up chicks!"
They're now safe and warm in the brooder in the laundry room.
Originally, I ordered 5, but the Speckled Sussex wasn't available. 
That isn't unusual when you're waiting for eggs to hatch, 
sometimes they hatch as predicted, sometimes they don't.
The Sussex is easy for me to find, so it's no big deal to pick a couple up in the spring.
So in the bottom right is the white Chochin, to the left the white crested Polish
(she already has a white topknot and her name is Lorraine)
the top left is the Dominique I think and then the Silver Lace Wyandotte.
They're so cute and tiny when they're only a day old!