Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Strained Stain

I've been working on this old drop leaf kitchen table this week.
I originally planned to paint the whole thing, 
but then opted to strip the paint and stain the top
(I'll be painting the legs, I'm not good enough yet 
to strip paint off something that isn't flat)
The table had 3 coats of paint on it:
brown, green and yellow/cream.
I spent nearly 3 hours sanding the newly exposed wood
until finally, I was ready to stain the table with Golden Oak stain.
Apparently, I did not get all the paint removed.
Turns out that the cream paint blends really well with the color of the raw wood.
And now my table is blotchy.
This morning I consulted my "work husband"
who is a master stripper
(of paint, not pole dancing)
and he told me to try sanding again.
Worst case scenario I'm back to the original plan of painting the top,
but those wasted hours of sanding and stripping really tick me off.
All other projects are on hold as I'm not at war with the table top.