Monday, August 8, 2016

Irons in the Fire

This past weekend was pretty busy, 
and the week promises more of the same.
Big E is away for the week, 
so I've kicked my projects into high gear.
I figure this way he can't stop me from ripping something out
or painting something
won't have to worry about getting sucked into a job.
First up, we got us a 'coon trap.
So far, no raccoon, though he did eat the bait and trip the trap.
Current thought: he's a biggun and
I think we need a bigger boat, er, trap.
Or an elephant gun.
There is also a lot of stripping going on since Big E left.
Paint, I'm stripping paint.
I plan on stripping this old farm table and staining the top
and painting the legs.
It's going to be used under the windows in the dining room for photos and plants,
but also be available for more table space should I ever get anything finished enough
to have more than about 5 people over for dinner.
I'm also stripping the 100 years of paint off the transom window.
I really hate the design on the glass.
Big E really hates the design on the glass.
So, I'm going to measure the glass and start hunting up prices for stained glass.
I'm not even 100% sure this is the original glass.
And honestly, I'm not sure this is even the original transom shape.  
More on that when I get to the whole post about the stripping and painting of the transom window.
Also going on is the sanding, priming and painting of the hallway door, entryways and living room windows.
I will finally have that chore marked off the list.
So, when I get a moment to sit and breathe,
and maybe take some better photos,
I'll share more detailed info on what I've done,
and the products I've used,
and what works and what doesn't,
and what not to do.