Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mail Order Chickens

My thought was that I would have great new photos of the finished table.
But it started raining right after I primed the legs and base, 
so I didn't get to finish the paint job.
Luckily I was using spray paint, 
so it dried fast enough for me to pick up and move before the downpour happened.
In other news, 
I've ordered chickens.
I opted to pick 5 separate breeds and ordered 1 of each
so I'll be back in egg production for the spring.
When the spring poultry swap rolls around, I'll pick up the couple more I need.
 I chose the Dominique breed pictured above.
It looks similar to a Barred Plymouth Rock (I still have one of those)
but the coloration is slightly different.
The breed originated in the colonial period
and is considered one of America's oldest chicken breeds.
They nearly became extinct, but luckily interest in them increased and the breed was saved.
I am planning on possibly getting a second Dominique in the spring.
I also have a White Cochin on the way.
These chickens look like giant puff balls.
They aren't as great with egg production sometimes, 
but come on, who can resist a giant ball of feathers?
They are originally from China and became popular when one was gifted
to Queen Victoria of England, who reportedly adored them.
They are known to be very docile, peaceful and friendly
and make a great pet.
My grandson loved the Blue Cochin we saw at the fair this weekend.
Blues are harder to find, so I just got him a white one.
I also ordered a Speckled Sussex.
Both Henny Penny and Royal Farms
(pictured above may they RIP)
were Speckled Sussex chickens.
Right now, this is my favorite breed of chicken.
They originated in England in Sussex County 
and it's said that the Romans found similar chickens during their invasion, 
which makes the breed around 2,000 years old.
They are known for their curiosity and in that department, cats don't have anything on them.
Henny Penny used to ride on my shoulder like a parrot, 
and both girls would perch on my arm like a falcon.
Royal Farms was the first to come running and enjoyed being petted and held.
There will definitely be a second Speckled Sussex in the spring.
The next chicken is the Silver Laced Wyandotte.
The breed was developed in the US in Wisconsin in the 1870's and named
for the Native American Wendat tribe
(though the original name was the American Sebright).
They like to cluck and tend to have strong personalities, 
though they remain docile.
They sure are pretty to look at.
 And last but certainly not least, the White Crested Black Polish Chicken.
Polish chickens are known for their crazy "hair-do".
They are a docile and tame breed though they tend to be a bit on the wacky side
because their crest limits their vision.
I actually read that you can keep their crest clean by banding it.
Essentially a chicken with a pony tail.
What more do you need to know to want this chicken?
I learned that paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren rescued a Polish Chicken named Einstein
that she nursed from health after it had numerous broken bones.
While they are called Polish chickens, 
history suggests they actually originated in the Netherlands.
They lay white eggs and
sometimes they're great egg layers and
sometimes not.
Really I just got one because
chicken with a pony tail
and Lorraine Warren. 
So that's the 5 new chickens that I'll be getting in the mail next week sometime.
I've discovered this box thing with hinged screen lid on legs in the basement 
that I'm planning on converting into a chicken brooder, 
so look for me to blog about that I'm sure.
I also discovered a treasure trove of old doors, windows, scrap wood and
1 of the missing stair spindles in the attic.
I'm anxious to finish moving all the yard sale junk out of the way
so I can go salvage hunting in my own attic.