Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The New Hen

Not every post can be about renovating a 100 year old house.
So here's the new hen I adopted from a friend.
A couple weeks ago The Great Chicken Massacre of Silver Run
happened, and this girl was the sole survivor.
Since she was missing her flock, I took her in.
She's an Easter egger which means she lays green eggs.
We haven't had a green egg layer since Martha Stewart was taken by the fox.
I think I've decided to call her Lucille, 
mostly because I can't get the Kenny Rodgers song out of my head thanks to 
a Facebook post from my cousin.
 (and now you can have this lovely ear worm as well)
Currently she hangs out on this perch out of reach of the other hens
who aren't too thrilled with the new chicken.
Hopefully in a week or so, order will be restored
and everyone will be happy.
That is until I introduce the 3 baby chickens I currently have in the brooder in my guest room.