Thursday, March 10, 2016

Please, Give Him The Overtime

Two weeks ago, Big E was sent home early on a Friday
because he had already worked his 40 hours.
He got busy right away-
ripping the siding off the wall in the laundry room and removing the bathroom window.
While it was on the list of things that need to be done
eventually list,
they were not on the things that need to be done right now list.
Then he came home early last Friday.
You'll remember that there is an old boarded up window here in the garage
between the cabinets we put up.
Now you'll notice that, SURPRISE!
there's no board or siding blocking the sun from coming in.
That's because Big E decided that putting in the new window
(wasn't really a new window but one that was stored in the garage previously)
Of course, the window doesn't sit exactly the way that he thought, 
so there's some framing he needs to finish on the outside.
I'm hoping that a weekend camping trip preparation
will keep him busy this Friday in the event he comes home early again.