Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Hen That Wasn't

This is Vader-Vulcan,
my supposed Brahma Hen.
A couple of weeks ago, Big E mentioned one of the hens making loud
weird noises.
I suggested perhaps she was doing the egg laying song
(known to be much louder than typical hen clucking).
Days after that, 
my mom tells me that one of the hens is making weird noises
that sound almost like a rooster.
I suggested it might be a rooster,
and my mom assured me that it wasn't.
Then I went down the barn.
For now, the rooster is staying.
He hasn't shown any mean tendencies, 
and so far my parents haven't complained about the crowing.
Apparently, he's not a morning rooster.
I'm hoping that he helps with protecting the flock.