Monday, November 30, 2015

The Living Room

This is the living room in all its glorious 1972 red carpet splendor.
Back in 1972, I'm sure this was all the rage-
not so in 2015.
My husband and I were pretty sure that there was 100 year old hardwood under all that red.
Question was, what kind of shape was it in?
So we began pulling it up.
This is the padding underneath-
a good sign as it appeared that the carpet was installed using tack strips and not glue.
Gorgeous 100 year old hardwood floor.
There were a few worn areas, 
but we plan to sand and refinish all the hardwood in the future.
For now, it's usable- once the tack strips and staples are removed.
I jumped on removing all those tack strips right away.
I'm notorious for stepping on nails
(I even once spent time in he hospital because of stepping on one)
and I had already stepped on a tack.
So I broke out the trusty hammer and putty knife and got to work.
I also had my trusty helpers.
The Brat Child helped me for about 10 minutes then asked for a 15 minute break-
he never came back.
Chunk the kitten was more interested,
but a lot less help so he eventually was banished.
It only took a day to get everything removed.
We're moving onto the dining room
and eventually the kitchen 
and then we'll give everything a good scrub down with some Murphy's Oil Soap.