Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Big News

So, the BIG news I've mentioned can finally be shared. My husband and I are getting a house.  And it isn't just any house, it's the place we've been living in (in the upstairs apartment) for a few years.  The house belonged to Miss Bertha, our landlady, who we came to know and love like family.  Sadly, Miss Bertha passed away this July at the age of 91.  My husband and I worked to come up with a way to purchase the house and turn it back into a single family home.  Without going into all the personal details, we've managed to do that.  A settlement date has been set up.
The house was built in the early 1900's (I'm anxious to be able to find the actual history on the home) and needs a lot (I mean A LOT) of updates not to mention the work to turn it back into a single family home from a multi-family home.  Despite the enormous amount of work, hard work, needed to get things in shape, I can't be more excited.  We're chomping at the bit to rip up old carpet and reveal original hardwood floors, and my husband can't wait to take down the wall separating the upstairs from the downstairs.  And of course, it will all be blogged about here.

This is a photo of my husband and I and Miss Bertha at our wedding.  It's one of our favorite photos from the day, and we were both pleased she was able to share our big day with us.  She had a great laugh and was always laughing and smiling.  She always baked us zucchini bread for our birthdays and had a special treat ready for my son on special occasions.  She told people my husband and I were her "adopted" son and daughter.  Staying in the house was more than just getting a house, it was being able to take care of Miss Bertha's House.  We recently learned that she wanted us to be the ones to get it after she passed.  I hope we do her proud!