Monday, May 5, 2014

Still Sanding

With my wedding happening in just over a month, 
the stress planning and preparation has hit high gear.
So I've been frantically trying to get the wagon to the priming and painting stage.
I managed 
(with the help of my brother, dad, Big E, an entire can of WD-40, 
a hacksaw and a reciprocating saw)
to take out the bolts and remove the metal pieces from the wood base.
As of last night, 
I think I have the metal pretty much rust free,
and now my attention is turned to the wood.
The two side panels have the original 1975 lettering,
so I was trying to come up with a way to be able to repaint it.

This font isn't used on any of the newer Town & Country wagons.
In a moment of brilliance, 
I thought of using clear page protectors and a Sharpie.
It seemed to work pretty well.
I made a couple of tracings, and I'll hopefully use them to make a stencil of some sort.
Afterwards, I went out and removed the nails from the slats and
the metal brackets that hold the slats.
Today I will begin sanding again, 
though I anticipate wood going faster than metal.
And somewhere along the line, 
I'll need to manage to find time to finishe making 21 tablecloths,
decorate 40 mason jar vases
and cut out an assemble 140 feet of pennant banner.
Oh, and organize my music playlists and download music.
And order a speaker system....
and make a batch of Sangria to make sure it tastes ok.