Monday, May 19, 2014

Busy Sunday

It was a busy weekend in general.
Wedding items were worked on
(including a nearly completed wagon),
there was a birthday party,
a ball game
and finally....
A garden started.
The weather in our area has been a little crazy this spring.
Big E finally got the garden tilled for me for Mother's Day
and yesterday we managed to get some seed in the ground.
Though a little late for some stuff, we planted it anyway to see what happens
(really, temps were in the upper 30's this morning so weather-wise, it isn't that late).
We have a giant row of peas planted since my son likes to eat them off the vine,
spinach, kale, 2 types of cabbage, beets and carrots.
We planned out the rest of the plantings of cukes, tomatoes, pole beans, squash, melons, pumpkins and corn. 
What can I say, we're ambitious.
Now I just have to keep these cluckers out of the garden
since they think it's their very own Olympic sized dust bath. 
And they like kale.