Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Something Old

I'm in the process of planning my wedding
that takes place this June.
(Which is my excuse reason for not blogging on a regular basis)
One of my tasks is to refurbish this old Radio Flyer Town & Country wagon
(I use refurbish over restore because I'm not sure it will end up exactly like it used to be).

After deciding that a wagon was needed as part of the ceremony
(I have a son and an infant grandson 
the son will be pulling the grandson and act as "co-ring bearers")
I happened to see this gem sitting on the side of the road with a bunch of other junk someone was calling a yard sale
(truly junk- and I'm being kind).
So Big E and I stopped to see the price and condition.
I got it for $2.00
For that price, we didn't look it over much and decided to just take it.
Turns out, it's not in hideous shape.
It's rusty, needs a new floor piece 
(there was thin veneer like stuff covering the bolts 
that had water damage but the main solid floor is salvageable),
needs new or reshaped brackets
and a back panel
(and a paint job).
My mouse sander knocked out a good bit of the rust on the handle.
There are some hard to reach rust spots,
so I might have to come up with a better plan.
I hear vinegar works well.
And in a flash of brilliance, I decided to see if Radio Flyer had replacement parts.
Turns out I can get the brackets
and a back panel for the same price or cheaper than fixing and building them myself.
I could order new wheels and other new pieces, 
but my goal is to keep as much of the original as possible.
It is a vintage antique afterall.
Of course learning this wagon is circa 1975 the year of my birth
I'm not so sure I like using those terms.