Monday, March 6, 2017

Narnia Wardrobe

A while ago, 
Big E and I went to get the giant wardrobe
 from his sister's house.
Luckily the thing comes apart, 
otherwise we would never be able to get it into the upstairs of our house.
In pieces, it was easy to transport, 
and pretty easy to move upstairs.
Assembly was tricky.
We needed 3 people to start- 2 to hold each side
and the other to put in the bolts.
Lucky for us, 
we have an Eagle Scout across the street.
Once the sides and top were bolted back together, 
I wasn't needed.
Except when I discovered the shelf was in backwards
and we had to unbolt the top to flip it around
(how it got put on wrong when the word "Front" is clearly written on the shelf I'll never know).
We finally got the bulk of the job done
once we got the back attached.
I'd like to find a Narnia poster or something and tack it to the back wall.
Big E said no.
I might just ignore him.
Attaching the front pieces was next.
I don't like that the doors don't go all the way down.
Big E thinks it would be a simple fix to make doors on the bottom.
For now I think I'll just store shoes on the bottom.
That leaves room in the closet for Big E's shoes.
Eventually, we got the doors all attached,
and everything in place.  
This thing is massive.
It doesn't really look great against that paneling.
Then again, nothing looks great against that paneling.
Eventually the wall will be a nice sage green,
and I think that will go nice with the wood.
It better since this wardrobe nearly takes up the entire wall.
We did have a few parts left over.
Big E thinks they were over kill.
Hopefully we don't get crushed to death.
In a couple of places there are hand written
descriptions about what the wardrobe was made of
and by whom.
Basically, the wardrobe was made of Christmas trees 
from the square in the City of Hagerstown.

I haven't found Narnia yet, but I'm still hoping.