Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Lonely Only

This is Donner, the lone chicken in the coop.
She is the lone chicken because she ate one of her brooder mates, 
and my older chicken died.
Yes, she is named for the Donner Party,
the pioneer group who was forced to cannibalize members
 of their traveling party after getting trapped in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
in winter in 1846.
I have no clue what breed of chicken she is, though I fear she may be 
a black sex-link chicken.
I had a sex link before who terrorized any new chickens that came to the coop.
She got eaten, and I wasn't sad.
The cannibalistic nature of Donner makes me concerned
since I'm hitting up the Poultry Swap in April to get new pullets.
I certainly don't want them to be Donner's dinner.
She might also be an Australorp which would be fine.
She was supposed to be a Dominique chicken
known for their black and white checkered feathers.
She's a little lonely right now being the only hen in the henhouse.
And being lonely makes her friendly.
To people anyway.
My grandson enjoyed giving her some attention
and petting her.
He even tried to take her in the house and in his mom's car
so she could live in his room.
Apparently he has a couch in his room she could sleep on.
Also, my grandson speaks chicken.
He told us she was talking and when asked what she said, 
he leaned down, listened and said "She say my name!"
He later explained that she said "Bawk bawk bawk" and that means "Xavier"
in chicken.
Looking forward to getting the coop spruced up this month,
and fixing some minor repairs
to prepare for the new hens.