Monday, October 31, 2016

What I've Been Up To In October

October always seems to be an extra busy month.
Perhaps because there are 3 birthdays this month,
mine included.
Maybe it's because the season is changing to Autumn.
I don't really know for sure,
but it's always busy.
We're still working on replacing the windows in the house.
Or, rather, the window fairy 
my dad is still working on replacing the windows.
On the fun side of things, 
we attended a family friend's annual hayride.
It's always a good time, 
and this year was no different.
The food is always phenomenal, 
as is the hot cider.
Plus we had a visit from the grandson,
who always wants to visit the horses and chickens.
He said, "I wuv her!"
He's also quite angry that the raccoon ate all of the chickens 
(except 2).
He plans to have his Poppy get him a real gun so he can shoot the raccoon.
In other news, 
I've been busy working on a book of ghost stories.
Seems a bit odd perhaps, 
but I love the paranormal
and I love hiking
so that's how the idea of a book of paranormal stories
 from along the Appalachian Trail came to be.
And to tie all this in a little,
the very same family friend who plans the hayrides, 
is the same that helped nudge me towards wanting to write again,
though she doesn't really know it.
She said to me once, "Do what makes your heart sing."
It's something I try to tell myself on a fairly regular basis, 
especially those times when I get discouraged 
and think I have no business doing what I'm doing.
Because sometimes, you have to rediscover who you are and who you're meant to be.
Maybe that seems strange to some, 
but I know to others it makes perfect sense.
Life changes you.
So who you were at 18 and who you thought you were going to end up being  
aren't necessarily the same or even close.
Sometimes, you need to take a second to reorient yourself 
and figure things out.
Me- I need to write.
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