Monday, October 17, 2016

I Can See Clearly Now

One day, I came home from work and found this.
We had been visited by the window fairy.
A new window might seem like no big deal,
but I stood there opening and closing the window-
with one hand-
for 5 minutes.
I didn't have to bang on it, fight to open it
or prop it up with a stick.
Each day, I had another window from the window fairy.
Then Saturday, I came home to find 
the window fairy and his helper inaction.
I'm not sure my dad likes that I refer to him as
the window fairy.
I finally got some photos of one of the windows going in.
It's kind of a pain in the neck, 
especially when no two windows are the same.
No, really, none of the windows are the same measurement.
It's truly tedious when you need to put the window in, take it out, 
scrape something, put the window in, go outside and check stuff, go take the window out, 
bang around, but the window in....
you get the idea.
I'm lucky I have my dad to work on the windows.
Big E was able to help with this one.
He's never put windows in before, so he's learning something new.
He has about 14 more he can practice on.
Last night, I spent a considerable amount of time staring at the new windows.
When the original windows are 100 years old
and impossible to clean,
you really appreciate windows you can see through.